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Naturkunde Niedersachsen

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Phone: +49 159-0314 0987

Fax: +49 4704-94 79 445

E-Mail: info@naturkunde-niedersachsen.de


A lot of people like nature. Some of them love nature. Our experience shows that in time, more and more people have separated from nature. Some of them have a stressful life, some of them live in big cities, some of them just set wrong priorities.

We offer our help to support people who want to go back to nature, and if it only may be for a short time.

We offer our services as a tourguide in northern Germany. We organize walks through wooded areas, forests, lakes and lakeshores and „wadden areas (intertidal mud)“ of the Unesco World heritage of the costal region.

Even short cruises by ships to sealgrounds etc. are possible.

Outdoor acitivities are our specialty.

Our concept is bades upon large experience with groups, especially senior citizen, families and groups of children.

The goal of our activities is simple. We want to achieve, that people again find nature a place to relaxe, a place to decline stress and a place to find interesting things.

We will guide you through the beautiful nature of northern Germany, while we´re explaining and talking about trees and bushes, grass and plants, shells and krabs, birds, worms and so on.

Furthermore, we offer bilingual personell to acompany you on your trip to outdoor ares selected.


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